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Jeremiah’s Promise Center Hosts Launching Hope Dinner


>>Unique Educational Center Serving Families in the Greater Brunswick Area to Open its Doors in Spring 2024

Monday, September 25th, 2023 – Brunswick, GA – Jeremiah’s Promise Center is opening in Glynn County to serve individuals with special needs and is hosting a very special event to introduce its vision to the community. The “Launching Hope” dinner will take place at Frederica Baptist Church at 6 p.m., September 28th, 2023.

This free dinner is open to anyone interested, but all attendees must secure registration beforehand as space is limited. This event will be an opportunity for members of the greater community to come together and learn about Jeremiah’s Promise and its extraordinary vision for the Golden Isles.
The keynote speaker will be Amy O’Dell, founder and CEO of accredited, Atlanta school, Jacob’s Ladder. Celebrating its 25th year, Jacob’s Ladder has helped more than 4,000 individuals with neurobiological challenges find hope for a brighter future. Amy will share her heartfelt testimony and the details of how her proprietary educational model, the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care™ (IWBMC™), changes lives.

“Jacob's Ladder has delivered comprehensive, innovative, and heartfelt care to individuals with neurobiological challenges for three decades. We have witnessed miraculous growth and change in the lives of the most vulnerable by meeting each individual exactly where they are, striving to understand deeply, and designing a comprehensive plan to work through barriers to health, healing, and a meaningful path forward,” said Amy O’Dell, founder, Jacob’s Ladder.

The IWBMC™ provides individualized programs for any student with neurological and behavioral challenges and is based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity – that the brain can be changed and re-wired given the right training.

“We are thrilled to have chosen Jeremiah's Promise as our first Community School partner, utilizing our unique model of care, The IWBMC, in conjunction with AHAVA, a complete custom software program management solution,” said O’Dell.

Jeremiah’s Promise will be utilizing the IWBMC™ to bring this one-of-a-kind programming to the Golden Isles.

“Hope is alive and well at Jacob's Ladder, and it is an honor to begin sharing all that has been learned through the years as we work together to build hope and a future for many more individuals across The Golden Isles,” said O’Dell.

The Launching Hope dinner precedes the opening of Jeremiah’s Promise Center in the spring of 2024. Anyone who wants more information about this transformational programming is invited to attend.

Attendees must acquire a seat through R.S.V.P. as space is limited. Registration is available through the pop-up window at

Media & Event Contact: Vanessa Smith, Founder, Jeremiah’s Promise,

About Jeremiah’s Promise: Jeremiah’s Promise is an academic and therapeutic center serving children and young adults with special needs, including, but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges, cerebral palsy, brain injury/stroke, genetic syndromes, intellectual and developmental delays, and learning disabilities. For more information, visit:


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